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Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lindsay grew up surrounded by lots of lakes and friendly midwesterners, and spent many an afternoon rambling around in the woods, playing in snow, and concocting crafty projects. Her penchant for stories and art eventually led her to Vermont to study American Literature at Middlebury College. Shortly after, she moved to San Francisco, where she earned her MFA in painting from San Francisco Art Institute. 

She lives in Oakland with her husband and two young daughters, and continues to find inspiration and freedom in the Bay Area’s bountiful outdoor, culinary, art-centric lifestyle. Her studio is in her backyard under the steady watch of several enormous redwood trees.

She is currently writing and illustrating her first book, Why We Cook: Women On Food, Identity, and Connection, which will be published by Workman Publishing in March 2021. To see what she’s up to now, follow her on Instagram.


Chronicle Books
FLOW Magazine
Hudson Valley Lighting/Mitzi
Stanford Children’s Health
Champagne Laurent-Perrier
Decorative Traces
Present Perfect Department
Fat Toad Farm
Slope + Aspect
Madri Collection

art museums, reading, running, yoga, hiking, cooking, cookbooks, bookstores, being outside, and spending time with my family and friends. I find inspiration in lots of nooks and crannies in my life, and feel extremely lucky that my work allows me to share that inspiration.


of my cd collection. I’m all for streaming music in the rest of my life, but in the studio, my stereo and all of my well-loved case logic cd books are never out of arm’s reach. 


Some may even say sentimental. On my studio inspiration wall, I keep a leather punch bracelet from summer camp when I was eight, rocks collected from Lake Michigan’s shores (my number one favorite place), a lucky brass clover from one grandmother, and a fancy pair of scissors from my other grandmother. I have a really hard time throwing away letters and photographs.


On a recent trip to Georgia O’Keeffe’s pristine home and studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 


but I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. Case in point: when I was 12, I worked for months to prepare my own art show, then set up shop in my parents’ dining room and invited all of their friends. 


When I visited the miniature worlds of the Thorne Rooms at The Art Institute of Chicago with my grandmother. The first time I laid my eyes on Degas’ dancers and Monet’s water lilies in Paris at age 13. Painting in Cezanne’s hills at the foot of Mt. Saint Victoire at age 20.


yes, please! Show me!

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