She finds inspiration in small moments of everyday life, patterns and shapes found in the outdoors, music, cooking, and her love of stories and history.

Lindsay Gardner is an illustrator, artist & author

REad MOre 

Lindsay Gardner is an artist and author whose work spans detailed paintings to playful collage. She works primarily in watercolor and ink, mediums she loves for their directness and how they require a playful balance of control and spontaneity. Her inspiration comes from small moments of everyday life, food and cooking, patterns and shapes found in the outdoors, music, and her love of stories and history.


I want to share a little more about how this project grew from an idea to a real [luscious! colorful! 240 page!] book over the last three years. The short story is: it grew from questions. After I became a mom, and as my kids grew from babies to toddlers, I was thinking more and more about how cooking is part of my creative impulse and identity. Like I often do, I took my questions into my studio practice and paintings, and began talking to other women. I had never seen a book that asked these questions of women in quite this way, or sought answers from a range of women in food – professional chefs and food writers as well as home cooks like me. So I decided to try to make one.

WHY WE COOK: Women on Food, IDentity, and Connection


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